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Nothing draws a crowd like holiday lighting!

Make a big impact with your customers and stand out from the competition with Humbug Holiday Lighting services. Whether you have a small storefront or run a large complex, we have a package that will fit your style and budget!

Did you know if you own a commercial property, such as a retail store, restaurant, office building, or entertainment venue, commercial holiday lighting can enhance your brand image and attract more customers during the festive season?

Humbug Holiday Lighting specializes in creating stunning and imaginative displays that will not only positively impact your community, but your customers and employees as well.

How about return on investment? 

While there is an upfront cost associated with commercial holiday lighting, the potential increase in customer traffic and revenue during the holiday season can lead to a positive return on this cost.

If you believe that commercial holiday lighting aligns with your brand, enhances customer experience, and contributes positively to your business, give Humbug Holiday Lighting an opportunity to have you stand out from your competition.

We are a completely turn-key decorative lighting company that does all the work for you, including design, installation, maintenance, and takedown when the season is over. We even store your holiday lights for you until next year. How easy is that?


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